Terms and conditions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations on coach travel must be made at least 48 hours in advance in order to receive a refund. Cancellations made after this will be refunded 50% or at the Director’s discretion.

Call-a-Cab Travel reserve the right to cancel a booking at any time due to hazardous weather conditions, insufficient bookings or vehicle problems. Should a booking be cancelled for any of the above events, by Call-a-Cab Travel, then any paid fees or deposits will be refunded in full.



Seatbelts must be worn at all times during your journey and standing up while the vehicle is in motion is strictly prohibited. These offences are at your own risk.


Smoking & Drinking

We do not allow smoking, drinking or the use of illegal substances on board any of our vehicles. Should the driver discover any of the above has been mis-used during the journey, they have the right to terminate the journey immediately.


Abusive Behaviour

We will not accept any abusive behaviour on board our vehicles or towards any employee of Call-a-Cab Travel. The driver reserves the right to terminate any journey if he or she feels threatened in any way, both verbally and physically and we will notify the police immediately. This may also impact any future bookings by this individual or party.



Call-a-Cab Travel has a 15 minute policy on without contact. If you are running late, it is your responsibility to contact the driver to let him know. If you do not contact him or arrive within fifteen minutes, the driver has the right to leave.


Traffic or Weather Delays

Call-a-Cab Travel will not be held liable for traffic delays or poor weather conditions, which may cause an impact on destination arrival time.


Babies & Small Children

All children under three years of age must sit in a child car seat. Call-a-Cab has the facility to provide the necessary seat suitable for the age of the child, however will not take responsibility in ensuring the seat in fitted correctly. It is preferable that you provide and install your own seat which you arte fully responsible for. Booster seats must also be used for children below 150cm but Call-a-Cab do not have these facilities.


Lost Property

Call-a-Cab Travel will not be held responsible for personal belongings left on board our vehicles without your presence as this is solely at your own risk.