Weddings & Special Events

Weddings and special events

We know how important big events are to you, your friends and family. We may not offer the services of a classic wedding car or a limousine but we definitely can help with the transportation of all your guests! We will pick up all guests, either from a designated location or several pick up points. Your guests will be carefully transported and ensure they arrive on time, to your destination.

If there are separate locations for ceremony and reception, the driver will wait outside the ceremony until after the service in order to transport your guests to the reception. You will also be able to book a return journey from your reception for all your guests again, dropping off at one destination or several various locations, ensuring your guests can enjoy a drink or two without the worry of having to drive home or find alternative transport. Call today to get a quote for your Wedding package.

Exclusive offer

Weddings are a special event for everyone, not just the Bride and Groom, but also for all the guests. With large bookings for Wedding parties, over a certain amount, Call-a-Cab will provide a complimentary glass of wine upon re-boarding after the ceremony.

Please note, this offer is only available upon the Director’s discretion and evidence of the Wedding must be provided upon booking. This offer excludes mini bus hire for Weddings, and applicable to coaches only.