School Transport & Children’s Travel

School transport and children’s travel

school transport and childrens travel carmarthenshireWith several local authority contracts in place for Carmarthenshire schools, Call-a-Cab pride ourselves on being one of the leader’s across the county for school transport. We offer fantastic service ensuring all pupils arrive safely to school and home, putting both teachers and parent’s minds at ease. Upon boarding of all vehicles, in both the morning and afternoon, children are expected to show boarding passes, where numbers and names of pupils are taken down on a register to ensure safe arrival at both departure and arrival destinations.

Children are well looked after during their journey and extra care is provided ensuring they have a safe and happy journey to and from school or on school trips. In addition, we also have a number of vehicles which provide disability access where children are able to travel safely to school, if necessary with their escort. We are members of BUSK ??(Belt Up School Kids) ensuring children are safely secured to seats with necessary seat belts.

*Children are classed as anyone under the age of eighteen*